Hello and welcome

I am a busy Queensland-based public historian, working on a combination of paid and/or voluntary history projects at any time.

These include creating historical-themed websites, serving on multiple community history committees, researching a running guided tours, writing booklets and peer-reviewed articles, installing museum displays, and delivering public talks, among other things.

This website is a portal to news about my various Public History projects, and several of my websites.

In these you will find hundreds of  pages on a curious range ojjf subjects, including capital punishment, shark attacks, small-town Lancashire history, Sixties' music, Brisbane suburban heritage, cemeteries, skeptical enquiry, and prisons.

If you are interested, I can also offer a range of professional services for your History-related projects and events (sorry, no Family History).

I hope you enjoy exploring the pages here, and contact me for a chat if you would like to discuss any history project requirements.

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Chris Dawson
(Member, Professional Historians Association [Qld])