South Brisbane Cemetery visit

26 AUGUST 2015
We had a visit to the cemetery with a big group of cub scouts on Sunday 23 August, and test-drove the new 'Graveyard Explorer' workbooks. I was pretty happy with the results, and although there are a few small bumps to iron out, I learned what worked well and will be making adjustments so there's even more good stuff.

It was especially good to see young kids getting right into the activities and actually learning about the cemetery. We went over the answers at the end and just about everybody knew what I hoped they'd know.

The best bit was the kids at the end harrassing me to take them back to a section of their cemetery so they could complete a couple of spaces in their workbooks. When you've got 9-year-olds demanding to learn more about an old cemetery after the end of the tour, even if it means a 5-minute walk up a huge hill, then it's 'job done'.